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Kicking off 2023 with the Philippines

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This long-awaited trip was nothing less than spectacular, at two amazing resorts (Magic Island, Magic Oceans), for 12 nights, with the best diving and the best service anywhere, for our group of 20 travelers/divers. And a live band was brought in for our own grand party with lots of dancing.

Then 9 of us, stayed over in Taiwan for 28+ hours, and stayed overnight in Taipei City, with a Night Market Tour, and a Countryside Tour the next day – it was a rich time visiting this iconic sovereign country. Taiwan is definitely a country to stopover and spend 2-3 days, or more.

There is much more for 2023, stay tuned for more Travel Reports.

Post-COVID Travel

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Are you itching to travel? I never slowed down for the flu bug that invaded the world. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and we did it, as much as ever. What about now? You better jump on it, the opportunities are here. If you wait, the next flu bug will be here and they will shut down the world again, they already proved it could be done.

Maldives Adventure Report

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So, scuba diving in the Maldives, what’s it really like?  Especially, amidst the rumors of global warming and coral bleaching?  Well, we just got back on Aug 31, and dove up to 30 dives in the regions of Central MaIe (standard liveaboard itinerary), and up in the Baa Atoll (4 additional nights land-based).  The diving was a solid 8-9 with a few rough patches, but the Thilas were covered with some of the prettiest coral I’ve seen, and there were lots of sharks and lots of mantas, and we saw a whale shark.

One of the coolest things that happened while we were on our dive boat at Cross Chartering – the sky was full of color and it just looked like it would show us it’s exotic side, so many of us were watching. It didn’t disappoint us and 5-6 of us shouted with excitement at our first Green Flash Sunset.

Our land-based resort was fully 5 stars and was not what we originally contracted for, but everyone was over the top excited for having the dive adventure of a lifetime.  We’ll do it again in two years.  Come and join us.