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Papua New Guinea – Walindi Plantation Resort + Highlands Tour: May 15-25, 2025


For now, the Highlands Tour will not be offered.  This is unfortunate, but the company I was working with to provide this custom group tour has dissolved.  No deposits were given on my end, so there is no exposure to this company’s legal process.   I hope to find an alternate tour provider as soon as possible, and offer the Highlands Tour as a side trip.  Thank you for understanding.

The dive trip to Walindi Plantation Resort is still offered, dates are May 15-25, 2025 – come and join us, this will be some of the best diving anywhere on our planet – Papua New Guinea is located within the Coral Triangle, a region recognized for its unparalleled coral reef biodiversity.  With more than 600 islands and an extensive coastline, the majority of Papua New Guinea’s people live along the coast.

Welcome to Walindi Plantation Resort

The idea to develop the resort came after Max and Cecilie Benjamin travelled overseas for a diving holiday in 1978 where they immediately recognised the outstanding marine biodiversity of Kimbe Bay in their own backyard.  Walindi Plantation Resort commenced on the shores of Kimbe Bay in 1983 and we are a fully family owned resort now reaching three generations. 

The resort has now grown to incorporate 20 accommodation units, day dive boats and links with two liveaboard dive boats. Terrestrial outreach such as bird watching, WW2 history, village visits, thermal hot river swimming, volcano climbs as well as scuba diving and snorkeling have expanded the footprint of the resort to include many PNG traditional resource owners.

The drive for environmental education of all concerned, strong environmental protection policies such as using only permanent marine moorings at dive sites plus community consultation practices is central to the resort’s operation ethos today and for the foreseeable future.


Walindi Resort has two types of rooms, Bungalows (premium room type) and Plantation House Rooms (standard room type).

The Bungalows are free-standing ‘bure’ style accommodation, with ensuite bathroom, ceiling fans (no air-conditioning), tea and coffee making facilities, small fridge, closet, work desk and a private verandah.  The Bungalows are located along the beachfront and have water views.  

The Plantation House Rooms are slightly smaller, but still with all the same features as the Bungalows.  These rooms are built in a block of four sharing a common verandah and have garden views.  

Room rates include all meals, daily laundry service and wi-fi at the main resort building.


Bungalows are free standing “bure” style accommodation, built in local timbers and materials.  They are nestled in the tropical gardens of Walindi with ocean views.  The bungalows are fan cooled and fully screened.  They each have a private verandah and ensuite facilities and are accessed by paths winding through the rainforest gardens.  Bungalows can be reserved as a single, twin, double or triple.  

Each Bungalow includes:

  • 1 queen sized bed
  • 1 single bed
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Ceiling fans
  • Fully screened and secure mesh windows
  • Kitchenette with small refrigerator, tea and coffee making facilities
  • Writing desk
  • Private verandah
  • Fresh towels, soap and conditioning shampoo are provided daily
  • Daily laundry service included in the tariff
  • Hairdryer available on request for the duration of your stay
  • Power is 240 volt, with three pin Australian plugs
  • One double 240 volt international power point

Scuba Diving with Walindi

Papua New Guinea is located in the coral triangle, the centre of marine biodiversity which has the highest diversity of tropical fish and coral in the world.  The waters of Kimbe Bay are home to prolific and diverse marine life and reef structures.  Pristine and colourful corals are home to a variety of fish, crustacean and invertebrate life and many of the reefs have resident schools of barracuda, tuna and jacks.  A range of shark species are regularly sighted, including hammerheads and silvertips, particularly on the offshore reefs.  Resident pods of dolphins frequently entertain divers transiting between sites.  The occasional sightings of orcas, pilot whales, whale sharks and other marine life passing through Kimbe Bay waters delight both guests and staff. 

Walindi Resort has three purpose-built day boats to take guests out diving and snorkeling the wonderful waters of Kimbe Bay.  The Bay with over 40 different sites to choose from, offers a variety of different sorts of dives – underwater sea-mounts, unbelievable sheer walls, fabulous coral gardens, huge fans and funky critters.  Our dive sites are suitable for all levels of diver and whatever the length of your stay, the one thing we can promise is that you will not be bored!

Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea

Kimbe Bay pulses with life: its coral reefs hold more than half of all species on Earth, a rainbow jungle that more than 900 reef fish species call home.  Kimbe Bay is located in the Bismarck Sea, a key area in the global center of marine biodiversity.  The Coral Triangle and Kimbe Bay lie almost centrally within this.  Its marine life is remarkable: Kimbe Bay possesses 4 critically endangered, 11 endangered and 173 vulnerable species.  These include the Largetooth Sawfish (Pristis pristis), Pondicherry Shark (Carcharhinus hemiodon), Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) and Leatherback Turtles (Dermochelys coriacea), Scalloped Hammerhead (Sphyrna lewini) and Sei Whale (Balaenoptera borealis). 

Kimbe Bay’s secret to its rich healthy marine ecosystem is its complex and diverse bathymetry (the measurement of depth of water in oceans, seas or lakes).  A narrow coastal shelf fringes the coastline of the bay, descending to oceanic depths of over 1,000m.  Along this coastline, fringing nearshore emergent reefs are neighbors to seagrass beds, mangroves and river estuaries forming multiple land-sea interfaces.  

Coral reefs in Kimbe Bay are as striking as they are fortunate.  Its reefs have been assessed as high diversity and high coral cover sites –  amazingly with relatively low human impact.  Of the 173 IUCN Redlist vulnerable species, 159 of these are scleractinian corals.  The endangered coral Cantharellus noumeae is also found in the Bay.  In 2018, researchers from James Cook University undertook upper mesophotic surveys in Kimbe Bay, which resulted in reporting a species of Black Coral (Antipatharia) that had not been previously described to science, let alone the Bay itself. 

The occasional sightings of orca, pilot whales, whale sharks and other large marine life passing through Kimbe Bay often with young are also an indicator of the importance of Kimbe Bay as a habitat for these animals. 

The combination of a rich and varied fish fauna, well developed coral reefs, and a spectacular, relatively pristine environment, is ample justification for the establishment of a special conservation status for Kimbe Bay.

Walindi Resort Dive Package Includes: 

  • 10 Nights Accommodation in Twin/Double Bungalow, double occupancy
    • includes all meals
    • daily laundry service
  • POM to HKN domestic round-trip airfare – approx. $458 (these are 2024 fares, price will be adjusted for 2025 fares)
  • Wifi at the main resort building
  • Return airport transfers
    • flight details in and out of Hoskins airport must be advised
  • 20 Dive Package, for boat dives
    • includes filled tanks and weights
  • Environmental and Safety Fee @ $9 per diver, per day is payable locally

Dive Package Does Not Include:

  • International flights, DEN to POM
  • Additional Tours
  • Scuba Training
  • Nitrox
  • Equipment Rental
  • Crew Gratuities
  • Any additional spending, not included

Walindi Dive Package – priced at $3162, based on double occupancy, in Bungalows, plus the round-trip domestic flight, approx. $458 = $3620.  Plantation House Rooms are a bit smaller, and $50 less per person, per night x 10 nights, so it’s $500 less for the package price, $3120.  If you prefer a quote for single occupancy, or a non-diver, please let me know, and I will request a quote.

THE HIGHLANDS OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA (on hold until a tour operator can be found)

The highlands of Papua New Guinea is a long chain of mountain ranges that flow through PNG from east to west. The highest Peak in PNG is Mount Wilhelm at 4509m (14,793ft.). It is here in the hidden valleys of this extremely rugged land that the unique tribes of Papua New Guinea have developed over thousands for years. Artifacts uncovered in this area are said to be dated back 43,000 to 49,000 years ago. This indicates that they settled in these valleys approximately at that time and with new evidence found in the Mt. Hagen area in the Kook Heritage site that the Papuans started advanced agricultural practices 10,000 years ago.

Also hidden in the valleys and peaks of this amazing area of the country is some of the most unique bird life on the planet. Papua New guinea is home to the most diverse range of birds of paradise amongst thousands of other species. The shape and beauty of these magnificent birds is enough to amaze anyone who has the privilege to encounter them.

The contact with the outside world has been as late as the 1950’s yet it is still very possible that the mountains hold uncontacted tribes.

Encounter Papua New Guinea is strongly passionate and well integrated into the highlands of PNG. We continue to work with the wonderful villages that welcome our guest and discover new places to explore with the local people. The cultural and geological beauty of this area of the country is endless!

.Highlands Tour Package Includes: 

Highlands Tour Does Not Include: 

  • Regular Air Niugini domestic flights 
  • International flights 
  • Visa fee 
  • Tips 
  • Any other spending 

Highlands Package – priced at $2838, based on double occupancy, plus the round-trip domestic flight, approx. $461 = $3299.   If you prefer a quote for single occupancy, please let me know, and I will request a quote.

No visit to Papua New Guinea would be complete without a tour to visit the most remote and colorful cultures on our planet.
Total Package Price (Walindi Plantation Resort $3620 + Highlands Tour $3299), is $6919.  This price includes a round-trip domestic flight from Port Moresby to New Britain for world-class diving, and a second round-trip domestic flight from Port Moresby to the Highlands (into Goroka, and return from Mount Hagen).  

A one night stay in Port Moresby on May 14-15 will also be booked but it is not included in the pricing for this complete package.  And depending on our international return flight, this may also be required for our return home.


  • Deposit:  $1000 to reserve your space (deposit is non-refundable)
  • Subsequent Payment:  $1000 due July 1, 2024
  • Final Payment:  Balance is due on March 1, 2025

Passport requirement – must have 6 months remaining until expiration date upon return to USA.

For all dive trips, consider purchasing travel insurance, and dive accident insurance.  Both are highly recommended, and are made available to purchase!

To purchase DAN dive accident insurance, please scroll to the bottom of this page, and click on the DAN banner link, Join DAN Today!, then follow the prompts on DAN’s website.

To purchase travel insurance, please scroll to the bottom of this page, and click on the DAN banner link, Purchase Travel Insurance?, then follow the prompts on DAN’s website.


Some sunscreen ingredients are not safe for corals; these include oxybenzone.  Research indicates that these chemicals can cause DNA damage to corals, promote viruses in corals, and contribute to the bleaching of corals.  So that we can help protect our reefs, we encourage our guests to choose and use a sunscreen that is “coral safe”.

To purchase eco-friendly sunscreen products, please scroll to the bottom of this page, and click on the Stream2Sea banner link, use code, “cleanreef” for a 10% discount.


Price is per person and based on double occupancy and items specified.  Space is subject to availability, price subject to change without notice and not guaranteed until deposit is received.  Cost for airfare cannot be guaranteed until paid and ticketed. Some restrictions may apply.

* Credit card payments can expect an additional 3.5% (5% international payers) to be added to the final invoice for all payments made with credit cards. This fee covers the cost of PayPal charges.  Venmo, Zelle, and checks are always welcome.

If interested, please contact Andy Skuntz, at Colorado Dive + Travel Adventures, email to, or call at 719-322-6941.  This exciting trip will fill up fast.

Trip flyer, terms and conditions, and a trip application will be provided.  Once the application is complete, please return to Andy via fax or email, then an invoice for the designated deposit will be provided.


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