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Best of the Philippines – Tubbataha + Anilao

Solitude World’s Best Dive Combo in the Philippines:

Tubbataha – located in the middle of the Sulu Sea, Tubbataha Reef is often considered to be the best diving in all of the Philippines.

And Anilao – known as the nudibranch capital of the Philippines.

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Papua New Guinea – Land of Biodiversity

Biodiversity on a grand scale – unique tribal cultures, lush landscape, 700 bird species, active volcanoes, hundreds of islands and white sand beaches.  And if you’re a scuba diver, you’ll dive in the most biodiverse rich waters in the world.  This is all in one country, it’s an absolute travel bucket list item.  

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Cozumel – Iberostar Hotel & Resort

A 5-star experience along one of the most famous coral reefs on Earth. Our passion for the oceans and the pioneering “Wave of Change” movement has made us leaders and a benchmark in responsible tourism on an international level.

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Roatan – CoCoView Resort

Welcome to the most respected dive operation and the most returned-to dive resort in the world.  Situated on Roatan’s south shore, CoCo View Resort is perched on the edge of the world’s second largest coral reef.

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The Best of Thailand – Similan + Surin Islands

The Similan and Surin Islands – let Jacques Cousteau describe it….

”The waters of the Similan islands are crystalline and pure; they are teeming with invertebrates.  The blue and white affection of these unspoiled beaches, washed by a clear sea, is reminiscent of the skies painted by baroque masters”  – Jacques Cousteau

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